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Sensitive Beard Shampoo Bar

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An unperfumed soap bar designed for people with sensitive skin. Enriched with sweet almond oil and glycerine. The Rugged Beard Company's Sensitive Beard Shampoo Bar is the first step in grooming your beard. Packed full of beard loving ingredients, our beard cleanser is 100% natural with no parabens or sulfates. Unlike most regular shampoo, which can strip your beard of its natural oils and leave you with a dry and itchy face, The Rugged Beard Company Beard Shampoo Bar cleanses the beard and skin underneath, leaving you refreshed.

How to use
Wet your beard. Then create a lather by rubbing the down the hair a few times, or work it in-between your hands. Massage into the beard and skin beneath, then rinse. Be sure to leave the bar out to air dry ready for the next use. For best results, apply your favorite scent of our beard oil onto your newly cleansed, towel dried beard for the ultimate and healthiest beard in town.

WARNING: Contains nut-based oils, those with nut allergies should seek medical advice prior to use. Please note that all products are handmade so colour variation and cracking may occur.


Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Aqua, Glycerin, Prunus Dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil), Tocopherol (Vit E), Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Editronate.

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